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Creating RAY OF LIGHT Efect

In accordance with my promise to continue my previous article Mendramatisir Foto (Seri-1) and complete the writing Menangkap Efek Ray of Light, so below I will try to describe how the program Photoshop CS5 following:

The next step:
7.    Open back a file photo above, then we copy with the command CTRL + J.
8.      Then click on LAYER >  New Layer ADJUSTEMENT> CHANNEL MIXER, set the OUTPUT CHANNEL RED position, then set the item color GREEN with numbers + 50 to give the impression of the evening (sunset), as shown below
 9.     Enlarge size of the canvas, except indeed the target light source that will be made are already in the photo, this step is not necessary. This fits our goal to create a radial blur later, the light source which we will create are beyond the area of the photo, the way are : click IMAGE> Canvas Size, then change the WIDTH and HEIGHT to be 3.24 and 17:49 or width plus plus 3 cm and height 2 cm (enlargement width and height is not absolutely / just trial). The result is like this :
7.          Then merge layer 1 layer on it by dragging them and a command CTRL + E, then the second layer was renamed CHANNEL MIXER 1. Next duplicate again by command CTRL + J, and pops the name of layer: CHANNEL MIXER COPY 1.
8.          Change to black and white images by clicking: IMAGE> ADJUSTMENT> BLACK & WHITE.
9.          Parts of that will be constrained not exposed to light, in embezzled. The trick with the burn tool, or with the brush tool with the foreground color black. When will the end result, after a blurring unsatisfactory still be erased with the Eraser Tool.
 10.     This layer then we create a radial blur with the click Filter> Blur> Radial Blur. Settings of radial blur are: Blur METHOD: Zoom, Quality: BEST and AMOUNT: 100. Because I want to provide light from the right side to the left then the center of light would we take it to the upper right corner, by clicking the "center of cross hair" and then drag it into the top right corner, then press OK.
 11.     Well, because we have enlarged the canvas of width and height, then the result of blurred cannot fulfilling canvas field, so need to be enlarged too, the way are : click the layer CHANNEL MIXER COPY 1 on the palette, then click the command  EDIT > TRANSFORM> SCALE then drag the points at the ends until all the results bluring closed canvas or try to setting also may.

 12.     The Layer (layer of radial blur) would we colorized, the ways are : click IMAGE> ADJUSTMENT> Hue / saturated. Click the box hue / saturated at the bottom right window to colorize mode, then drags of hue and saturation until to preferred color,  in this example I colorized with light reddish-yellow and white colors (shades of the evening). Results like the picture below.
13.      Next, change the blending layer mode had become SCREEN (only the white part and which is shown) by click the layers palette of small box above the "Normal" was changed to SCREEN.
14.      Duplicate Layer Channel Mixer 1, and then place it on the top row, then give the high-pass filter with an overlay blending mode. The trick are with the click FILTER> OTHER> HIGH PASS and set a radius at 30 pixels (this depends of color you like, the greater number of pixels would make extreme RoL. After that, do not forget the cropping in accordance with the original image measuring.
15.     It is finish. Usually the steps of number. 13 to 18 cannot be completely finished, because the results are often unsatisfactory and should be trying again until the results are satisfactory. Results from a series of Creating Ray-of-Light on top, some think like the picture below.
16.      As usual of my articles, because my spare time is limited, only fitting lunch break while eating lunch, then made my final result is not optimal, because in a hurry and while munching lunch ... hehehe, so, as my friends do not worry lest if you follow the tips above will give to you is less satisfactory . The result is guaranteed to bang up you with requirement must be done with that done with meticulously, scrupulously, persevering and painstaking.
 The other result of mine like this :
So ... hopefully useful and good luck .... and always followed the articles of Photography and Photoshop here :

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