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Improving Less Alluring Photo Becoming Attractive

Often we find interesting moments but not supported by the conditions that produce good or best photo-quality, could be due to hit by the objects and background objects that are less alluring in terms of aesthetics, perhaps because the position of the object and camera is not possible to get a taking a good angle. This condition is usually found when taking photo documentation for children under five in conditions as natural as possible. Moreover, when the moment is difficult or unlikely to be repeated again we get back. Examples of such obvious when there are distant relatives come to visit or vice versa when we visited relatives far away (from outside the island, for example). If it happens easily be repeated does not matter, just look for another moment and snap photos as soon we can best ideas.
Here I will give you an example photo of my child taken from angles that are less adequate (taken from behind the window) and with the background of a chaotic kitchen during celebration day’s ago.
This original photo is ordinary course we will be more interesting, like this :
The first step would open a photo file that we want, then the next step is:
1.   Duplicate the background by pressing CTRL + J
2.   Click the background layer again, press ALT + BackSpace ... the backround will change color to
black color (color can be changed as desired). If using the command ALT + BackSpace the background color is the color that appears in front, and if you use the command CTRL + BackSpace the background color is the color that appears behind. We tried to color it blue background ...
3.   Because the background is less nyahut and not one color, we are forced to dispose of it manually by click the "Polygon Lasso" in Layer 1 and please click on the edges of the picture you want removed. To be more subtle then the picture should be in the zoom (enlarged) by dragging the task bar "navigation", right to enlarge and to the left to zoom.
4.     Press "DEL" to discard the unwanted pictures. 
5.     It is apparent that the piece (side) the picture is still not good / the cut is still firm, it is necessary refined blur by clicking on the icon, select a brush size 5 px and "hardness" 100% to about edge / boundary drawing, rub carefully to image boundary becomes more assertive, and then after all finished repeat by selecting a brush size 20 px and the "hardness" 50% to around the edge, which is intended for the image as if it truncated.

6.   Now we are going to paint a background picture, choose a color as you wish. Because the sample photos here are photos of children it is necessary to choose colors that member cheerful impression, here I choose the color pink (??? Sorry if mistake in defines the color). How to make a new layer of Layer 1, with the click Layer> New> Layer. This will bring up the Layer 2, Layer 1 slide onto Layer 2.
7.   Click Layer 2, and then click the "brush" and select medium size (I choose size 160 px) with a hardness of 0%. Then paint according to taste. It would be like this.
8.   To disguise the white cable in front of the photo, I use a homemade rainbow picture. Here's how: highlight the Layer 2 and create a new layer by clicking Layer> New> Layer, Layer 3 then obtained. After that do as the No.7, ie by clicking on "Brush" but before the select red color first, then we painted white along the field. Choice size "Brush" is equivalent to the above because the field is quite large. Then, after the red color finish, replace the color yellow and then green with a way to click the icon "set back ground color." The result is like Figure 8 below.
9.   Then we learn to make a line using the command "brush". We create with size 50 px brush (size can be adjusted to the size of your photo or to taste). But before we make a new layer, the Layer 4. So that later the lines were not shut down the photo and the rainbow, then scroll down Layer 4. Do lupas we are now working on Layer 4. Change the color to white, put a "brush" at the top of the photo and drag it down until the lower end while pressing the "SHIFT" for a line that can be made straight, and then release. This is repeated until the full image area. The result is something like figure 9.
10. Now we make a horizontal line. How Duplicate Layer 4 to press CTRL + J. Then click EDIT> TRANSFORM> Rotate 90 CW. Well we've got lines transverse / horizontal. If the canvas size of our pictures are not squares, mean height and width are not equal, then the result of duplication k horizontal lines were not full, then we need to adjust, I click EDIT> TRANSFORM> Scale, then drag up and down until enough. Results like figure 10.
11.  Then we merge these of two Layer: Layer 4 and Layer 4 copy by pressing CTRL + E. To be more interesting, the lines we will bend with the click EDIT> Transform> Warp (for Photoshop CS2 there is no wrap mode). Change the layer effect to "overlay" and "100% opacity." As the picture 11.
12.    And now will we ornamental images such that the glamorous image we get. Create a sphere with Reynold tool and gives a chance like picture 12 ... do not forget to click SHAPE Layer. As the picture 12 below.
13.   Then click the add layer mask ... and change back ground color with black, and look for the appropriate brush size / according to taste, then click a few times (again according to taste in these spheres.) Then make the dots some fruit again with different colors according to taste with taste. Need to try in this case so that the display satisfactory.
14.   Then for the more crowded longer be added to give the points (dot) red or purple or pink is up only by using a brush, remember select a soft round brush. Then spot the disembarang place to taste a variety of sizes. And for more atraktir amid the points were given points for more sparkly white color. Same way with a red dot, but the first change color back ground color to white.

15.   Well done our duty to beautify ordinary photo more beautiful.
To obtain more satisfactory results need to try several times, and need accuracy and patience.
The work of photos in this article is not sip in my opinion, because done in a hurry (approximately half an hour, including making the article). So, I apologize if the quality result is less satisfactory. But the essence of who should be picked implied in it, is to provide additional insights for reader’s tricks that can be done to enhance the photo.
Good bless you and thank you.

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